18 Hole Municipal Golf | Berlin, CT

Senior Mens Club

The Timberlin Senior Golf Association (TSGA) was founded in 1985 as a social group of golfers over the age of 60 and retired. The goal is to play golf for the joy of playing golf.  Our membership is composed of 120 golfers, no more than 15 of which can be from out of town. Membership dues are $40 a year with an addition $10 initiation fee for the first year. Dues should be paid by April 30th.  Our season runs from May 1 through September 30. Tee times for the group  are available for the 1st two hours of play each Monday and Tuesday. A member chooses which day he will play, Monday or Tuesday, for the season.  There is a tournament scheduled once a month. Non-tournament weeks are social play and “kickers”.

The benefits of membership:

  • You are assured of a Monday or Tuesday starting time on the day you chose to play.
  • A League handicap will be kept and posted bi-monthly.
  • Included in your annual dues are a February breakfast, an August picnic, and October dinner as well as prize money for “points”.
  • You can meet new players by volunteering as a Starter on the day you are scheduled to play.

NOTE: Members are encouraged to regularly read the bulletin board to stay current with what is going on for the TSGA.

To join, or for further information, contact one of the officers listed below:

President             Jeff Arute                860-828-6147                                            jiamda@sbcglobal.net   

Vice President    Rich Nigro              860-505-8679                                           golfingjazzman@comcast.net      

Secretary             Dom Serafino         860-828-4445                                           serafino3@yahoo.com      

Treasurer            Spencer Meyers      860-357-2899                                          spencermeyers@comcast.net      


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